Children's Dentistry in Suwanee, GA

Children's Dentistry in Suwanee GA 

Our Care for Children

Dr. Ushma Patel puts patients of all ages at their ease and comfortable in her care. Children receive the latest techniques applied with thoughtfulness and compassion. We take the time to teach your children proper brushing and flossing and the importance of eating nutritional foods to keep natural teeth for a lifetime. We first see them at age four and enjoy all their visits each year as they grow.

We are continuously striving toward a goal of ensuring this and other generations grow up without fear of dental care. The parents of our young patients have been very pleased to have their children in our care, and we can help your child feel comfortable and be co-operative at every appointment.

Your Dentist Is as Important for Your Child's Health as a Pediatrician

Kids Dentist Suwanee GAWe maintain a happy environment at our practice that makes it comfortable and fun for children. We want them to keep their natural teeth for a lifetime.

We know children do not brush well without supervision, so we encourage parents to be a part of their kids' routine dental hygiene until they learn to brush and floss properly and make it a daily habit. They need to clean their teeth thoroughly each day, as kids eat more often during the day. Every time food is chewed, acid is produced in the mouth. The more-frequent exposure increases the risk of cavities.

When teeth are not clean, additional acid is produced in response. And then cavities will develop at an even faster rate. Positive dietary choices, proper daily care, and one application of a mineralizing varnish can significantly reduce the chances of cavities.

An Easy Preventive Treatment for Children

Preventive Dental Sealants Suwanee GAOften, even proper brushing will miss some of the hard-to-clean grooves of the back teeth. As bacteria and plaque form, the continual exposure to acid from eating will result in decay. Any amount of decay is a permanently damaged tooth that needs a restoration.

Is there a treatment that significantly reduces the chances of this happening? Yes! Dental sealants do the trick. Here is how easy the treatment process is.

Teeth are sterilized before the application of the sealant, which is clear or white and therefore invisible. After the biting surfaces of the back teeth have been treated, a curing light bonds the sealant to the teeth. And that's it! What could be easier and quicker than that? No tooth structure is removed and no shots or drilling are necessary.

This is a highly recommended treatment, as it has been proven to help both children and adolescents keep their natural teeth intact.

Your entire family deserves a healthy smile! Give us a call today at (770) 623-8750 to schedule a visit for everyone.

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