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Dental Sedation Suwanee GA 

Relax and Feel Comfortable for All Your Dental Care

Some patients suffer anxiety over any kind of dental work. Just the idea of sitting in the dental chair is enough. We have a solution to relieve your fear. Conscious sedation dentistry is an easy way to relax and have your treatments taken care of without the concerns.

It is a simple matter of taking one pill an hour before your appointment. By the time you are sitting in the dental chair, you are feeling very relaxed. You reach a level of sedation where you are unaware of the work being performed but still capable of answering questions when asked. Your vital signs are monitored during the treatment. After completion of your dental work, someone drives you home. You are completely alert within an hour or so.

It's important to know you maintain a level of consciousness, as some patients worry about lack of control. Oral sedation provides a happy medium of the ability to relax combined with enough awareness to be able to speak. You simply won't have any anxiety.

This sedation also works well for those who are resistant to anesthesia. They cannot get numb, so instead, can have their treatments performed with conscious sedation dentistry. Some patients need to have extensive work performed. This option allows them to have one longer appointment instead of coming back multiple times.

When only lighter sedation is needed, we offer laughing gas, or nitrous oxide, to keep a patient comfortable throughout treatment. This is a complimentary benefit we offer to any patient who desires it.

Call our office at (770) 623-8750 to determine how sedation dentistry can make your dental visit comfortable and relaxed.

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