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A Screening That Could Save Your Life

The statistics from oral cancer have not changed for over 40 years – every hour of the day, one American dies from oral cancer. We are excited to tell you that there is a method to easily detect the problem – Oral ID™. This FDA-approved screening system will identify abnormal tissue in the oral cavity. This is essential to early and successful treatment of the tissue. It is a simple and easy procedure that makes the problem areas visible with a specially designed light. This important exam is available to all patients and could save your life!

Your Teeth Have Never Felt Cleaner

The Piezo Scaler™ is an advanced device that easily removes plaque and calculus, even in deep pockets of the gumline. With high-frequency vibrations, the cleaning process is faster than with the scaling hand tool. There is less discomfort during the process and afterward, and the Piezo Scaler cleans your teeth like you've never had before!

Advancing to Your Best Athletic Performance

Custom Athletic Mouthguards Suwanee GAThe jaw actually plays a role in supporting bodily power and strength. The correct alignment of the jaw adds to performance at your maximum capability. We are very pleased to offer UnderArmour ArmourBite Mouthguard™. Over 40 years of research development has produced a mouthguard that utilizes neuromuscular dentistry to give the extra edge that makes a difference in your training and performance. It increases endurance, strength, power, and better balance. Let us put ArmourBite on your team!

Highest Standards of Cleanliness

Some of the instruments we use are single-use, so they are discarded after treatment. Tools that are re-used are sterilized in an autoclave to make them safe for use in the next treatment. This unit is monitored by an outside lab to ensure they meet the required standards. We take all precautions to maintain the highest level of safety for your health and never take any risks.

Advanced Digital Technology for X-rays

You will be pleased to know we use state-of-the-art digital technology for X-rays, which means 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays. We can also take a panoramic image of your mouth and jaw structures. There is no waiting time for development, and no harmful chemicals used in the process. We simply place a digital sensor in your mouth, and the image is clear and defining of decay or other concerns of your teeth and gums.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Decision-Making

Intra Oral Dental Camera Suwanee GADr. Ushma Patel works with each patient to form a bond of teamwork. The intra-oral miniature video camera allows you to have a clear, magnified image of the interior of your mouth. This easily lets you view the areas of your teeth that have problems so you can make informed decisions about necessary treatment. Patients have been very pleased to work together with Dr. Patel for their best oral health.

When you are considering cosmetic changes, SNAP™ Dental Imaging lets you see your new smile before any work begins so you can move forward with confidence. We take a digital photo of your smile, and then Dr. Patel creates the simulation of your new smile that can be achieved with a variety of techniques, such as veneers or whitening. Within five minutes, the computer makes the transition and displays the side-by-side images of your current smile and your desired smile. What could be easier than that?

Does Xylitol Help in Preventing Cavities?

Prevent Dental Cavities Xylitol Suwanee GAXylitol occurs naturally in fruits and vegetables, and our bodies even produce an estimated 5 to 10 grams each day. Research has found it to be very effective in combating tooth decay due to foods high in sugars and starches. Twenty-five years of clinical research has demonstrated that xylitol is the superior choice for a sweetener that will keep teeth healthy.

Xylitol is now used in chewing gum, dental products, candy, and various tablets. It has been widely endorsed by European dental associations for its use in consumer products and foods. Research has also found that it works well for allergy sufferers. It comes as a nasal spray and provides better respiratory health. We encourage our patients to use products containing xylitol for better dental care and allergy relief.

Nothing beats an easier, more comfortable dental visit. If you have questions about the latest dental technology, give us a call today at (770) 623-8750.

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