Teeth Whitening in Suwanee, GA

Professional Teeth Whitening Suwanee GA 

Powerful Professional-Strength Teeth Whitening Options

Everyone finds a bright, white smile to be attractive. And such a smile is most important to you. It gives you confidence in your interaction with others, and a brilliant smile creates a lasting impression with those you meet.

Dr. Patel ZOOM Professional Teeth Whitening Suwanee GAprovides a safe, simple way to dramatically whiten teeth. It is an in-office treatment called ZOOM!™ Whitening. Perhaps you have seen the results it can offer on television. This process works quickly and produces results that are long lasting. There is little to no sensitivity, and it is a safe as well as effective technique in the hands of a dental professional. You can eliminate any stains or darkness in just one session! Your teeth can become brilliantly white for a number of years from just one treatment.

We also offer another professional whitening method that uses custom-made trays produced in our office lab. You complete the procedure at home with the instructions and supplies we give you. This is also a safe and effective technique. You can expect to see results between 1 – 14 days. We provide everything you need for successful at-home whitening for a beautiful smile.

If you'd like to have brilliantly white teeth in a matter of hours, call (770) 623-8750 to schedule an appointment today!

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